Jane Stevenson

‘I came to Pilates as it was recommended to me as a good form of exercise. It has given me a feeling of strength and stability and an awareness of my posture. - I can now play with my grandchildren without aching the next day and am enjoying feeling renewed energy. I love how it makes me feel I am ‘floating’ on the way home. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Liz’s classes to anyone.

Loz Lawson

‘After having two hip replacements, Pilates has really helped me regain hip stability and strength, not to mention range of movement. I am now a keen cyclist and Pilates compliments my cycling regime perfectly- the increased core strength helps me get up hills and my flexibility has without a doubt improved. I still find balance work challenging but the benefits are obvious to me and this is a work in progress! Liz’ whole body approach is what sets her classes apart from the rest. The classes are unique, always evolving and the level of instruction first-class. If you are undecided whether Pilates is for you, do it now. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Sarah Corney

I came to Pilates after playing a lot of Hockey with a lack of core strength, and subsequently, developed a sore back. Pilates has helped to resolve this issue and I have also noticed an improved in my overall strength and body shape. I tend to sleep a lot better on Tuesdays after Pilates and find the class very friendly and peaceful. What I love most is the sessions give me an hour to myself and I have a greater body awareness that encourages better posture.

Margaret Nugent

'Pilates appealed to me after having various operations over the years, which resulted in having weak and tight muscles in certain areas. I feel the classes give me a full body workout, have helped to improve my general muscle tone and also help me to have a more positive outlook on life. The classes are great- everyone works to their own ability and there is no competition. Sometimes I arrive at class very creaky, but always leave feeling pleased I made the effort.'

Lucie Fowler

'Liz is an excellent and highly motivational instructor, ensuring that every minute of our hour together is fully utilised. The classes are well managed, with talking and distractions discouraged, which allows students to focus their attention full on exercise! Even when classes are full to capacity, Liz manages to give 1:1 tuition where needed. Liz evidently puts a great deal of thought into her lesson plans; every week offers something new to try to that as well as building on my core strength.'

Liz de Pauley

I looked into Pilates as I was worried about my posture. I have found after attending weekly classes that my posture is now much better, I don’t slouch anymore or look at the ground when walking. My classes have given me a better sense of balance, made me feel stronger and have made me more aware of how I move. What I love most about the classes is they are ‘time out’ to just focus on my well being; although they are relaxing they can also be hard work. These classes offer me a gradual but significant process to becoming fitter and stronger in my body.

Terry Sutherland

‘I started coming to classes as I have always had tension in my shoulders and wanted to resolve this and improve my posture. Pilates has without doubt helped me correct my posture and made me more supple and stronger. The classes are full of camaraderie, the atmosphere is supportive as we all strive toward the same goal of improvement and growth. The classes push and develop my skill level each week. I would recommend the classes to anyone, as they have made such a difference to me’

Mark Eastell

‘I have suffered from back pain for over 20 years. Many healthcare professionals have recommended Pilates to help strengthen my core and back muscles. My episodes of back pain are now few and far between, and of shorter duration thanks to my weekly Pilates classes. The classes are challenging whilst being fun and good humored. I particularly like Thursdays because it is my Pilates day of the week… If you’re thinking about joining the classes, they’re definitely worth trying- just do it!’

Hilary Westlake

'I really love Liz’s Pilates classes. I have been to a number of Pilates classes in the past, run by different instructors, but I find Liz’s by far the best. Her sequences are very well paced and choreographed and I always feel that every part of my body has been worked when I come out of class. Liz’s instructions are always clear and show great understanding of the human body. The wonderful ambience (low lights and aromatherapy oil) just add to what is a brilliant experience.'

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