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Owner & Founder

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, APPI Mat/Equipment, HIP Pilates™ and Classical Mat/Equipment qualified with Lisa Bradshaw Pilates Academy, CHEK HLC 1 & Exercise Coach

Liz’s passion for wellness and exercise expertise give her a deep understanding of her clients’ needs. She has a lifetime of experience working in health, fitness and wellbeing, all grounded by her background as a science graduate and her expert knowledge of human physiology and movement.

Liz has always been fascinated by the human body – how it moves and how it functions. This fascination developed into a deep passion for Pilates and all the amazing health benefits it can bring. Over the past ten years, Liz has studied with two of the leading exercise training organisations in the world: The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) and the CHEK Institute. This expert training saw Liz develop as a specialist in her field and ensured that she can safely and consistently deliver her advanced knowledge to her clients.

Liz is qualified as a ‘CHEK Exercise Coach’ – a world leading qualification teaching correct exercise technique, functional exercise and strength conditioning; performed accurately and to the highest standards. She also holds the ‘CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach’ qualification, which focusses on wellness and nutrition, stress management and lifestyle coaching, alongside an in-depth knowledge of ‘energy-building’ exercises to promote increased wellbeing and to enhance vitality.

It is this high-level of accredited training that provides Liz with the unique expertise to design the weekly classes for Pilates Evolved. Every time a client attends a Pilates session, her goal is to help them to feel as inspired as she does by the benefits that Pilates can bring.

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  • Emma Marks
    Pilates Teacher & Studio Manager

    BA (Hons), Pilates Matwork Level 3, Pilates Matwork with Anoushka Boone, HIP Pilates™ & Pilates Equipment qualified with Lisa Bradshaw

    Emma has trained alongside a number of the UK's leading Pilates master teachers and holds a true passion for all things health, movement and wellbeing related. She discovered her real love for Pilates whilst studying at Bristol University for her History of Art degree; Pilates gave her renewed focus on her wellbeing, posture and strength after hours of studying over a desk. Her matwork training under Anoushka Boone at Pilates in Motion, London, introduced Emma to a depth of knowledge and understanding of Classical & contemporary Pilates that laid the foundations for her love of the Pilates movement system.

    Through Pilates, Emma is keen to guide individuals toward a better understanding of their bodies and how they move. Her classes aim to encompass the whole-body, holistic approach of Pilates to strengthen and to restore optimum function and balance within each and every body.

    Her additional interests lie in injury prevention and rehabilitation. At Body Rehab Studios in Hove, Emma continues to work alongside physiotherapists in teaching both 1:1 clients and group classes within a rehabilitation environment. Emma believes that Pilates plays a vital role in achieving more efficient movement patterns within the body, aiding in injury recovery and offering ease of movement from aches and pains.

    Emma is also our Studio Manager for Pilates Evolved, managing our client programmes and bookings, social media and all things admin behind the scenes of our classes.


  • Hannah Rich
    Pilates Teacher

    BA (Hons), Pilates Matwork Level 3, Pilates Matwork with Anoushka Boone

    Hannah completed her 600-hour Pilates matwork training at Pilates in Motion Studio London. She initially begun her Pilates journey whilst experiencing lower back pain and was recommended Pilates classes to help manage it. As a client she has experienced both ends of the spectrum, from Rehabilitation Pilates and Specialist Back-Pain classes, to the full repertoire of Classical Pilates movements. Her thorough training alongside one of the UK's Pilates Master Trainers, Anoushka Boone, opened up her eyes and deepened her appreciation for the Pilates method. Hannah is passionate about full body movement and helping others to experience the wide ranging benefits of Pilates.

  • Alan Dean
    Sport & Functional Therapist

    Bsc (Hons), PGCE, PGDip

    Alan is a sports rehabilitation specialist at Pilates Evolved. He practices functional and sports rehabilitation techniques designed to support Pilates clients to maximise their development and enjoyment of Pilates classes. If a client is unable to start or progress their Pilates course due to physical limitations or injuries, Alan provides rehabilitation solutions to support them. Alongside Liz, Alan develops bespoke treatment plans for clients to accelerate recovery, rehabilitation and performance during Pilates sessions.

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